About Ju Percussion Group Laboratory

Percussion finds it origins in the beating of the human heart.
It is limitless in its possibilities. It is life. It is educational. It touches our lives on many levels. Percussion is an art form that values unrestrained expression.
Percussionists are constantly seeking and experimenting with new sounds And have developed many ways to connect with different audiences.

The establishment of this laboratory

It’s similar to how a company would set up a R&D department.
It is a place to stimulate creativity. A place to discover and nurture new talent.
And, ultimately, a place through which the arts can bring about important changes within this musical field, as well as life itself.


Committed to the continued pursuit of artistic excellence.
Through a combination of innovation and tradition
Cilin has become one of Taiwan’s most original ceramic brands.

In mapping out the next 30 years
The Ju Percussion Group has proudly invited Cilin
To be the official participating partner of the Ju Percussion Group Laboratory.
Together, as partners in this interdisciplinary effort
They will work to build new opportunities and circumstances
For the next generation’s exploration into the world of percussion and innovation.

Experimental Project Outline:

  • Five interdisciplinary “new generation” experimental groups
  • One-year-long project 2016/10-2017/09
  • One documentary
  • Three public presentations from every group



Collaborating Organizations

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Ya-Hsin Cheng

Ya-Hsin Cheng received her bachelor degree from National Taiwan Normal University in 2003. Afterwards, she was under the instruction of professor Jean Geoffroy in Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon, and graduated with the highest honors diploma, “mention très bien à l’unanimité,” in 2007. She won the third prize in Claude Giot International Vibraphone Competition in France in 2005. Her recital in April, 2010 in the Taiwan National Recital Hall was nominated for Taishin Arts Award. As a soloist and a member of chamber, Cheng was invited to play in Canada, China, Italy, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan.

She established NanaFormosa Percussion Duo with Yu-Ying Chang, theywon the third prize of percussion duo in the International Percussion Competition Luxembourg in 2009.Until now, they have been invited to perform in Luxembourg, China, France, Japan, South Korea, United State and Taiwan.She is also a member of Aashti Ensemble in Oriental World Music Allianceled by Yi-Chen Chang. They participated the production of the soundtrack led by Lim Giong for “the Whirling Dance of Hu-Ji” in Jou Hsiao-Hsien’s movie “The Assassin” which won “the prix du jury CANNES SOUNDTRACK 2015”.

At present, she is a percussion assistant professor in the Music Department of National Taiwan Normal University, Tainan National University of the Arts and National Sun Yat-sen University.

Hai-Ting Liao

Hai-Ting Liao, now residing in Taipei, is a percussionist dedicated to experimental music and exhibition of performing arts with other media. After graduating from Queensland Conservatorium, Australia in 2004, she headed for Fabrica, Italy as an artist in residence and began her creation that combines contemporary music and performing arts. Later she moved on to France and received a diploma from Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de danse de Paris (CNSMDP) with a First Prize by unanimity of the jury. Since returning to Taiwan, she has been devoted to the creation and performance of experimental music and distinctive forms of arts and founded iOFloat, a music creation and performance group. Now she works as an Assistant Professor and Division Head of the Center for the Arts at Fu Jen Catholic University. Hai-Ting is also the representative of iOFloat music group.


iOFloat was formed in 2012, and since then the ensemble has been performing in Taipei. Apart from performing percussion repertoires, the ensemble is dedicated to create performances with music composed by iOFloat. The ensemble’s works often demonstrate a convergence between percussion music and elements from other art fields, and are often presented in venues, such as theatres, abandoned factories, outdoors and on the street, as iOFloat is not bound to perform music in concert halls. The ensemble invites artists from other fields to collaborate, and is continuing to expand their own musical horizon by stepping outside of the percussion comfort zone for a journey of performance exploration. iOFloat’s recent project Floater’s Playground is nominated for 2015 Taishin Arts Award.

Tai Han-Chih

Percussionist Tai Han-Chih is currently working towards her PhD at Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) under the guidance of Professor Ju Tzong-Ching. As part of a university exchange, Tai has performed at Théâtre de Poissy and the Church of St Eustache in Paris, Japan’s Toho Gakuen School of Music and Musashino Academia Musicae, and Beijing’s Central Conservatory of Music. She has traveled with the Ju Percussion Group to perform in China, Malaysia, and the US among other countries. She also participated in a collaborative duo concerto performance entitled Spices, Perfumes, Toxins with the Taiwan Provincial Symphony Orchestra, the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. Tai is currently a member of the Ju Percussion Group and an instructor in the Juvenile Percussion Ensemble.

Huang Jin-Wei

Percussionist Huang Jin-Wei is currently studying at the Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) Graduate Institute of Orchestral Instruments under Professors Wu Pei-Ching and Wu Shih-San. He has worked with TNUA’s School of Dance providing live musical accompaniment for the school’s year-end performance 《Legacy》 and the Hakka musical 《Xiangsi Nostalgia》, which toured Taiwan to great acclaim. As part of a TNUA university exchange, he has performed at Bejing’s National Centre for the Performing Arts and the Central Conservatory of Music. As a member of the Ju Percussion Group, he has traveled and performed in Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. His most recent collaboration has been with Golden Melody Award winner Chen Yang on Chen’s new album “Mother—A Song for You”. Huang is currently a member of the Ju Percussion Group 2, as well as an instructor in the Juvenile Percussion Ensemble.

As one—Tai Han-Chih & Huang Jin-Wei Percussion Duo

As one brings together TNUA PhD student Tai Han-Chih and TNUA M.A. student Huang Jin-Wei in a unique collaborative effort. Since 2013, the two percussionists have successfully reinterpreted countless percussion pieces thanks to their first rate performance skills and skilled teamwork. In addition to working hard on various percussion performances, the duo has also been part of various dance, theater, and multimedia crossovers. To date, they have put on over 100 performances, earning themselves considerable public acclaim. In 2016, the duo won third place in the Italy Percussive Arts Society’s Percussive Arts Web Contest and were also picked by the New Taipei City’s Cultural Affairs Bureau to be its “2016 Music Stars” and to hold a special concert at the New Taipei City Cultural Center.

Chen Yen-Chen

Currently a student at Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) Department of Music, Chen Yen-Chen studies under Professor Hwang Kuen-Yean. In 2011, Chen held her first solo recital at the Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University. For Chen, the biggest draw of percussion is its many permutations of tempo and rhythm, as well as the joy of playing and performing with others. Changing percussion to her college major, percussion has truly become a part of Chen’s life that she cannot do without. Currently, Chen is member of the Ju Percussion Group 2 and plans to continue her study of this unique musical tradition both on and off the stage.

Huang Po-Yuan

Huang Po-Yuan currently studies at Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) Department of Music under Professor Wu Pei-Ching. In 2012, he held a solo recital at Kaohsiung Cultural Center’s Zhishan Hall. In 2015, he was chosen to be part of the TNUA Emerging Young Artists Chamber Music Ensemble. That same year he joined the Universal Marimba Competition hosted in Belgium, winning the Grand Jury Prize. Currently he is a member of the Ju Percussion Group 2. For Huang, percussion is the medium through which he communicates best with the world. His goal is to become a professional musician and looks forward to offering the world the gift of music and understanding as he strives towards that goal.

Shih Meng-Hang

At four years old, Shih Meng-Hang was already learning to accompany his sister’s footsteps with a percussive beat. He early on learned of the joys and creativity of percussion, as well as the interplay between movement and stillness and the thousands of permutations inherent to the art. He has studied under Professors Hsu Jui-Chun and Ho Hong-Chi, and currently studies under Professor Wu Pei-Ching as a student of Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) Department of Music. In 2014, he was chosen to be part of the TNUA Emerging Young Artists Chamber Music Ensemble and is currently a member of the Ju Percussion Group 2. For Shih, percussion is a medium through which he expresses his emotions, loses himself in the act of playing, and cultivates a superior sense of rhythm. He also finds that, as an art form, percussion is applicable to many other aspects of life.

Li Ting-Ni

Li Ting-Ni started studying percussion from the age of eight. Currently she studies at Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) under Professors Ye Jing-Yi and Wu Pei-Ching and is a member of the Jumping Percussion Group. In 2016, she won second place and the Best Interpretation Award for marimba at the 14th Annual International Italy Percussion Competition in the age 19-25 category. When playing the rhythms of percussion, Li deeply feels its expressive potential and abundant changes. Through playing, she finds she can come to a better understanding of herself and the world.

Tsai Chuan-Ting

Tsai Chuan-Ting started playing at the age of five. She is currently a student at Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) Department of Music where she studies under Professor Wu Shih-San. Currently a member of the Jumping Percussion Group, in June of 2015 she reached the semi-finals of the Australian Marimba Competition. The tone and timbre of the marimba and vibraphone, along with their many instrumental variations, has always been a big draw for Tsai. She has found that playing percussive instruments has made her a more engaged, happy, and fulfilled person.

Shih Jhih-Yu

Currently studying at Fu Jen University’s Department of Music, Shih Jhih-Yu is a member of the Jumping Percussion Group. If music is a language, Shih feels that percussion is not only about the punctuation, but the sentences themselves. The large variety among percussion instruments means they can accompany any type of rhythm and produce a wide range of different musical styles. It is an art full of surprises and one that makes life richer and more complete; this is the attraction and the draw of the art of percussion for Shih.